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Diners, Drive-Ins and Death

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Cheese Burger

Some people wonder why so many Americans are overweight or obese. The answer is very simple. An abundance of low cost, high calorie foods. A popular program on the U.S. Food Network cable channel is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives hosted by chef and restaurant owner Guy Fieri. Yes, he is Italian. The ... more

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Dr. Oz Testified Before United States Senate

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Dr. Oz Senate Hearing

On Tuesday June 17, 2013 Dr. Mehmet Oz testified before the United States Senate consumer protection subcommittee about the claims he made adopt weight-loss aids on this television show. Dr. Mehmet Oz is undoubtable the best know celebrity doctor with a daily television show promoting all sorts of secret and miracle ... more

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National Burger Month-May 2014

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Yes, May is in National Burger Month in the United States. Hamburgers are the backbone of many fast food restaurants. But like most fast food food items the humble hamburger has morphed into a demonic source of saturated fat and sodium. The original fast food hamburger 50 years ago had a ... more

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Fiber and Fitness

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Charro Beans with Parboiled Rice

One of the simplest way to reduce calories and lose weight is by increasing the amount of fiber in your diet replacing high saturated fat and fried foods with low saturated fat fiber rich foods. Most Americans eat a fiber poor diet providing less than 10 grams per day. Daily ... more

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Almost Farm Fresh Produce

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Fresh Cantaloupe Bar Code

Two years ago I wrote a post about supermarket produce areas with Farm Fresh signs implying their fruits and vegetables are fresh off the farm. All produce comes from a farm but that farm usually is not in the United States especially for produce typically concerned “out of season” like ... more

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5 Foods You Should Never Eat

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Almost ripe Banana

While surfing the web, you’ve probably encountered an ad showing a banana or someone eating a banana with the heading 5 Foods You Should Never Eat. I’ve never clicked on the ad, because it is ludicrous associating bananas with foods you should avoid. It made me wonder if their is ... more

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Fish, Vegetable, & Grain Dinners

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Broiled Fish with Steamed Broccoli and Rice Medley

For many Americans, lean meals means popping a petite 300 calorie, 6-ounce entree into the microwave oven. I can’t help but wonder, reviewing the negative online ratings for many of these entrees, how companies can continue to sell them. Have millions of Americans sacrificed quality and quanity for convenience? Apparently ... more

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USDA Loves Pizza

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Unbaked Bought Hawaiian Pizza

Corporation hate government regulations and intervention unless it improves profits. The February 24, 2014 issue of Time magazine has a short article about the USDA spending millions of dollars to increase cheese consumption. Money collected from a USDA fee on milk is used to promote other dairy products like cheese. ... more

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Lose Weight Eating Soup

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Homemade Spicy Cauliflower Soup

Soups are nutritious, low calorie, and when made at home can have 50 percent or less sodium than canned and restaurant soups. An easy way to eat lose weight is be eating a nutritious diet replacing one or two meals with heart healthy soups. Some advantages of soups include: Low ... more

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Food Fads

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Bowl of Oat Cereal

On January 2, 2014, General Mills, the makers of Cheerios and 100’s of other brand name foods announced Cheerios would be made without genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). This the same General Mills that contributed to a $22 million dollar fund by corporate food giants to persuade Washington State voters to ... more

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