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Sicilian Style Eggplant Pizza

Sicilain cuisine has many influences including Greek, Arab, and African. Sicily was a melting pot of the ancient world. Sicilian Style Eggplant Pizza reflects those influences. You won’t find this pizza on the menu at American pizzerias. Americans love meat. The top selling pizza is pepperoni not eggplant. High saturated ...

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Basic Pizza Sauce

Basic Pizza Sauce is a simple, low fat, pizza sauce recipe¬†for two 12″ to 14″ pizzas. Adjust all seasonings to taste.

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Bacon Wrapped Pizza

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Italian foods have been given a bad wrap lately. No Pun intended. On the one hand, a Mediterranean style diet is promoted as a healthy alternative to the standard American diet. On the other hand, American’s are told to avoid pizza and pasta since both are made from refined white ... more

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World’s Dumbest Pizza

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Chili Frito Pizza

American pizza restaurants have developed some unique ideas for pizzas that turn the humble Italian pie into a creation that would makes Italian’s roll their eyes and wonder if Americans had lost their marble in addition to their senses. Pizza is one of the most ethnic popular foods in the ... more

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The $2 Artificial Frozen Pizza

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It takes over 30 ingredients, excluding vitamin and minerals, to make “America’s Best Selling Frozen Pizza.” The ingredients include mozzarella cheese substitute made with rennet casein, sodium aluminum phosphate, artificial color and 14 other ingredients. Real mozzarella cheese is made from milk…. The package photo shows a “supreme” pizza loaded ... more

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Americans Love Pizza

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Baked Hawaiian Pizza

Shortly after World War II, Italian food became the most popular ethnic food in the United States. There are thousands of restaurants and many Italian dishes can be prepared at home. Supermarkets are also stocked with frozen pizzas and lasagnas for easy home cooking. In recent years Italian food has ... more

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