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Cobb Salad

A Cobb or Chef’s Salad is an excellent source of fiber and protein. What’s the difference between a Cobb or Chef’s Salad? Primarily the size. A Chef’s Salad is usually served as part of a meal while a Cobb Salad can be a lunch or dinner entree. You can think ...

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One-Pan Noodles With Bacon and Peas

One-Pan Pasta With Bacon

One-Pan Pasta with Bacon is another in a series of one-pan meals that takes about the same time to prepare and cook as popular boxed pasta meals, but without the preservatives, MSG, and artificial colors and flavors. This simple pasta entree or side dish has 220 calories and 2 grams of saturated fat ...

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Bacon Wrapped Pizza

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Italian foods have been given a bad wrap lately. No Pun intended. On the one hand, a Mediterranean style diet is promoted as a healthy alternative to the standard American diet. On the other hand, American’s are told to avoid pizza and pasta since both are made from refined white ... more

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