Is This A Blog?

Comments Off on Is This A Blog? | June 16, 2015

Many cooking and recipe websites use a blog format allowing readers to leave comments about articles and recipes. Some even permit individuals to post their recipes to the site.

Is this a blog?

Technically no. I occasionally publish relevant blog posts and recipes, but unlike true recipe blogs have no set schedule and do not allow comments on this site.

The reason is simple, This site was designed to provide factual information and help people eat a healthier diet. It was not my intent to create an interactive site where comments are answered within hours of being submitted.

Comments are welcome on my YouTube channel and answered usually every Tuesday and Friday excluding holidays. Like many blogs, comments are held for review. Inappropriate comments that are not relevant to a video or is hearsay with no credible research to back it up are deleted.

Individual or Corporation

Some very popular cooking and recipe websites give the impression they are owned and operated by one or two individuals. The scenario goes something like this:

  • Started and operated by a young female.
  • Usually learning to cook and eat healthier.
  • Takes her own professional quality food photos with no photography experience.
  • Has numerous followers and commenters.
  • Website uses same layout and recipe templates.
  • Recipes have no nutrition information.
  • Website has lots of ads even within a recipe.

Sound familiar? Many are operated by food companies or corporations with staff to answer blog and recipe comments and questions. Anyone, anywhere in the world can answer blog posts in the name of the blog owner. That’s life in the 21st century mass media age.

The saying use to be “buyer beware”, now it is “Internet user beware.”

Daniel DiTuro