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8 Ways To Stay Healthier Longer

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Exercising with light weights.

While your genes have the biggest affect on how long you will live, there are eight simple lifestyle steps you can take to improve your odds of living a long, healthy life with fewer doctor and hospital visits, and little or no prescription medications. Step 1. Stay Active Your body was ... more

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Eat More, Exercise Less, and Lose Weight

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What person needing to lose 20, 40, 80, or more pounds  does’t want to hear they can eat more, exercise less, and still lose all the weight they want? It is dieting utopia. This bogus philosophy has been promoted for decades. Want to con someone into trying your diet product ... more

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15 Dieting Tips When Dining Out

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Whether you dine out for pleasure, a special occasion, travel, or due to necessity you can eat healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and prevent weight gain. Many restaurants do not make it easy. Large portion sizes, like the meal pictured, are the norm making it easy to eat more calories than your ... more

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15 Holiday Dieting Tips

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Holiday Turkey Dinner

The holiday season in the United States, November through January 1st, is like an ocean cruise with an abundance of tempting foods and the tendency to overeat. For some people gaining 5 or more pounds around the holidays is an annual event followed by the annual New Year’s resolution to lose ... more

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500 Calorie Cupcakes

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Assorted Decorated Cupcakes

Americans wonder why they are overweight and cannot lose weight. It can’t have anything to do with their diet. It must be genes or hormones or nasty bacteria and viruses that’s turned them from svelte to obese. The truth in most cases is the problem is their diet, lack of ... more

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National Burger Month-May 2014

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Yes, May is in National Burger Month in the United States. Hamburgers are the backbone of many fast food restaurants. But like most fast food food items the humble hamburger has morphed into a demonic source of saturated fat and sodium. The original fast food hamburger 50 years ago had a ... more

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Fiber and Fitness

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Charro Beans with Parboiled Rice

One of the simplest way to reduce calories and lose weight is by increasing the amount of fiber in your diet replacing high saturated fat and fried foods with low saturated fat fiber rich foods. Most Americans eat a fiber poor diet providing less than 10 grams per day. Daily ... more

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