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Big Bad For You Bacon Burger

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Big Bad Bacon Burger

We Serve What People Want Even with the growing diabetes and obesity epidemic in American, fast food, drive-ins, diners, and casual restaurants continue offering foods high in calories, saturated fat, and sodium. Their menus are loaded with foods people want instead of what they need. If a majority of their customers demanded ... more

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National Burger Month-May 2014

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Yes, May is in National Burger Month in the United States. Hamburgers are the backbone of many fast food restaurants. But like most fast food food items the humble hamburger has morphed into a demonic source of saturated fat and sodium. The original fast food hamburger 50 years ago had a ... more

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Homemade Turkey Burger

Turkey Burgers

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Turkey Burgers are a moist, reduced calorie and saturated fat alternative to ground beef burgers. This turkey burger recipe has about 28 percent less calories than a 1/4 pound, 80% lean, ground beef burger and half the saturated (4g vs. 8g). Consuming red meat has been linked to increased risk ...

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