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Fried Mortadella (bologna) & Sautéed Onions Sandwich

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Bologna is one on America’s favorite cold cuts. Then someone decided to fry a slice of bologna for a hot sandwich. The rest, as they say, is history. Bologna is an Americanized version of mortadella, an Italian cured sausage originating in Bologna, Italy. Their are two main differences between mortadella ...

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Cheesesteak Sandwich

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A homemade cheesesteak sandwich is a healthier alternative to processed cold meats and a better value than most franchised sandwich shops where you get more bun than meat. When made with homemade bread or buns, there are no preservatives and less sodium. Another advantage to making your own Cheesesteak Sandwich ...

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My 90 Cent Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

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90 Cent Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

Bargain Breakfast? I receive ads for discount and fast food breakfasts almost very week. They seem like a bargain. Two egg breakfast and side for only $2.99. Two croissant breakfast sandwiches, small has browns and small coffee for only $4.00. Why cook when you eat breakfast for $5 or less? ... more

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Big Bad For You Bacon Burger

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Big Bad Bacon Burger

We Serve What People Want Even with the growing diabetes and obesity epidemic in American, fast food, drive-ins, diners, and casual restaurants continue offering foods high in calories, saturated fat, and sodium. Their menus are loaded with foods people want instead of what they need. If a majority of their customers demanded ... more

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Italian Style Tuna Salad Sandwich

Italian Style Tuna Sandwich

I first encounter an Italian Style Tuna Sandwich in 1968 while visiting my relatives in Italy. Italians typically eat a Continental style breakfast of coffee or tea and a pastry or cookies. For a child raised on eggs and bacon, this new form of breakfast was quite a change, until ...

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Homemade Italian Sub Sandwich

Pane is Italian for bread and Panino is Italian for small bread or roll or sandwiches made using a roll or bun rather than sliced bread. The plural is panini which refers to a toasted or grilled sandwich in the United States. They have become so popular in the U.S. ... more

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