Eat More, Exercise Less, and Lose Weight

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What person needing to lose 20, 40, 80, or more pounds  does’t want to hear they can eat more, exercise less, and still lose all the weight they want? It is dieting utopia. This bogus philosophy has been promoted for decades. Want to con someone into trying your diet product or weight loss plan? Tell them exactly what they want to hear provide in very small print disclaimers that their product or plan may not work for everyone, or works with an sensible diet and exercise program.

There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute And A Diet Plan Tailored For Them

Some so called “diet experts” make a name for themselves by publishing and promoting their findings based on meta-analyis of published diet research. Usually they come up with conclusions that promote their book or products, or the products of a manufacturer that funded the analysis. Conclusions confirm what the average American trying desperately to loose weight wants to hear. You can eat more. Sounds enticing. Exercise less. Right up my sedentary alley. AND loose weight. Holy cow! Nirvana! Sign me up here’s my credit card number.

Every so-called expert has a unique diet plan to end all diet plans which just so happens to be endorsed by promoters of other diet plans to end all diet plans based on their meta-analyis of diet research studies. To top things off, they’ll throw in a bottle of snake oil guaranteed to cure whatever ails you.

What is a Meta-Analysis

Many of these experts with their miraculous diet plans base their findings and conclusions on a meta-analyis. A meta-analyis is an analysis of published research studies on a topic like dieting, nutrition, and diets. It is like researching a topic using the Internet and a variety of resources and then basing your conclusions on your research.

Butter is Back Temporarily

In 2014 another highly publicized published meta-analysis took the country by storm stating previous conclusions linking saturated fat to heart diseases was totally false. The authors claimed saturated fats are not only good for you but necessary for good health. You can safely chow down on bacon, butter and red meat. It’s OK. Eating foods high in saturated fat doesn’t increase your risk of heart attack or stroke.

When it was pointed out to the authors that their analysis comparing the affects of margarine (low saturated fat) with butter (high saturated fat) concluding there was no difference failed to take into account the high levels of trans fat in margarine. Just a minor omission since it is universally accepted that man-made trans fat increases your risk of heart disease. When you remove the trans fat, the obvious conclusion is vegetable based, low saturated fat margarine is healthier than butter. That oops and retraction didn’t get the press coverage of butter is back.

Buddy Can You Spare A Million Dollars?

When large multi-national companies want to promote their artery clogging foods, there is no shortage of eager Americans looking for their 15 minutes of fame and fortune. The loser is the American public and people desperately looking for a sustainable way to loose weight and keep it off.

When a food or supplement manufacturer funds a meta-analysis or another analysis, their hopes are it will provide any positive results that can be manipulated to promote their products and increase profits until it becomes widely known the analysis results were false or inaccurate. Buy that time, millions and even billions of dollars may have been made. Even when a product is found to be worthless, people continue to buy it. Some actually believe they benefit from the products. It is the placebo affect. The human mind is complex, powerful machine.

For Good Health Eat Minimally Process Foods

Most people can live healthy lives without diary supplements, manufactured frozen mini-meal, and other diet and weight loss plans and products by eating a healthy, balanced diet or real food consisting of minimally processed whole foods; fish, poultry, lean beef, fresh fruits and vegetables (or frozen).

When you reduce or eliminate processed foods and maintain an active lifestyle you will fell better, can lose weigh, and maintain your weight your entire life.

Their is a caveat. Your genes ultimately determine the type of body you’ll have. A health diet and lifestyle will reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer regardless of changes beyond your control.