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Zucchini Risotto Video

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Easy homemade Zucchini & Proscuitto Risotto. Click here for recipe. more

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Zucchini & Prosciutto Risotto

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Risotto originated in northern Italy and is now popular throughout Italy. Made using short grain arborio rice and parmesan, it has a creamy texture unlike any other rice recipe without the need for cream or any other sauce. Risotto is rarely offered on the menu of most Italian-American restaurants. Unlike ...

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Saffron Rice

Saffron Rice

A little saffron turns plain white rice into pale to bright yellow saffron rice. Saffron also adds a mild flavor to rice. Using white rice is essential for the color to be absorbed into the rice. Saffron rice can be served with any recipe that called for white rice. Saffron ...

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Homemade Red Beans and Rice

Red Beans and Rice Recipe

Red Beans and Rice is a simple, spicy Creole recipe. The combination of beans and rice is a source of complete protein even if you omit the ham and sausage for a vegan version. One 13 ounce serving of Red Beans and Rice has about 350 calories, 8 grams of fiber, ...

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Fish, Vegetable, & Grain Dinners

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Broiled Fish with Steamed Broccoli and Rice Medley

For many Americans, lean meals means popping a petite 300 calorie, 6-ounce entree into the microwave oven. I can’t help but wonder, reviewing the negative online ratings for many of these entrees, how companies can continue to sell them. Have millions of Americans sacrificed quality and quanity for convenience? Apparently ... more

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Meal Planning

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Turkey Burger with Baked Beans, Steamed Brussels Sprouts and Roasted Bell Peppers

Home cooking takes time, but not as much time as some people would have you believe. It is convenient eating out. No groceries to buy, no preparations, no cooking, no clean up. But what you get in return for convenience is usually more calories, saturated fat, sugar, sodium and refined ... more

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Reducing Chemicals and Starch in Cooked Rice

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Homemade Fried Rice

Testing by a major consumer organization in the United States found high levels of arsenic especially inorganic arsenic that is a known to cause bladder, lung and skin cancer in humans in all samples of rice tested. Brown rice, which is higher in fiber than white rice, had higher levels ... more

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