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Natural Dietary Fiber Versus Processed Fibers

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Assorted Decorated Cupcakes

The Standard American Diet (SAD) of meat, potatoes, refined sugar and flour, and processed foods is low in dietary fiber which has been linked to colon cancer and other digestive conditions. A popular marketing tool is claiming products are high in fiber providing 30% or more of the recommended daily requirement. ... more

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Lose Weight Eating Soup

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Homemade Spicy Cauliflower Soup

Soups are nutritious, low calorie, and when made at home can have 50 percent or less sodium than canned and restaurant soups. An easy way to eat lose weight is be eating a nutritious diet replacing one or two meals with heart healthy soups. Some advantages of soups include: Low ... more

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About Wheat Flours

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All-purpose flour

Most Americans think of refined wheat flour when they hear the word flour. Until very recently, refined white wheat flour was the only flour sold in most stores. That is changing. Today, Americans can buy a variety of wheat and other flours. Flour is also milled from corn, rice, rye, ... more

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Lentil Soup

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Homemade Lentil Soup

Vegetable and legume soups are an excellent way of adding vegetables and fiber to our diet. Lentil soup is higher in calories than vegetable soups. One cup (8 oz., 240ml) has about 200 calories versus 100 calories or less for vegetable soups. But lentils are high in protein and fiber. ... more

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The Goodness of Bread?

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For years American’s have been warned to limit eating bread and other products made from refined wheat flour. These high carbohydrate, high glycemic index foods have been proven to cause blood glucose spikes which can lead to overeating by causing the desire to eat even if you’ve eaten enough calories ... more

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