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Salt: It’s Organic?

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Organic foods have increased in popularity as consumers become more concerned about the additives in their foods. The United States Food & Drug Administration maintains a list of over 65,000 approved additives. When you buy organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables you expect them to be free of synthetic fertilizers ... more

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Foods That Can Heal?

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Fresh Blueberries

“You are what you eat.” For many people it is the wrongs foods high in calories, fat, salt and sugar. They are highly processed foods and fast foods. Fast foods are usually fried or grilled. You can’t get much faster than that. Processed foods come packaged, canned and frozen. On ... more

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Raising HDL May Not Lower Risk of a Heart Attack

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Here we go again. After years of being told to up the level of HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol and lower the level of LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol a new study by investigators from Harvard Medical School and published in the journal Lancet concluded raising HDL levels did not ... more

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Seafood Guides

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Do you want to increase the amount of seafood in your diet, but don’t know what to buy or what species are endangered by over fishing? California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium has published convenient seafood guides based on which region of the United States you live in. There is even a ... more

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Weight Loss Secrets

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The media loves hyping secrets to just about everything that ails you including losing weight. The headline or lead-in really grabs your attention. Recently, a local television station ran two stories within 24 hours of each other regarding women who lost 150 and 45 pounds. What was their secret? Proper ... more

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Farm Fresh Produce?

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Italian farmer selling produce on street corner.

A local, nationally owned, supermarket chain recently completed extensive remodeling of the store I shop at. Of course they moved most items around which is a marketing ploy to get shoppers to scour the store to find the items they purchase. Their ad campaign emphasizes the chain’s “new lower prices.” ... more

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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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Deviled Eggs

Whether you eat one for breakfast, devil them for appetizers, or color them for Easter hard cooked (boiled) eggs can be soft and delectable or a chewy, rubbery mess. Chewy, rubbery egg whites indicate overcooked eggs. The usual method is placing eggs in a pan, covering them with cold water ... more

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Welcome To Italian Mediterranean Diet

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Live Longer and Healthier Book Cover Art

Hello, I’m Daniel DiTuro and welcome to Italian Mediterranean Diet. My website expanding the information in my book Live Longer and Healthier Eating Foods You Love published in 2009 and providing dozens of new recipes. It is designed for cooks of all skill levels and for people interested in cooking and living ... more

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