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I’m Daniel DiTuro and welcome to Italian Mediterranean Diet. My website expanding the information in my book Live Longer and Healthier Eating Foods You Love published in 2009 and providing dozens of new recipes.

It is designed for cooks of all skill levels and for people interested in cooking and living a healthier lifestyle. Due to my lifelong exposure to a Mediterranean style diet, I have never dieted to lose weight. For many Americans weight loss diets have become a way of life in a never ending struggle to shed excess pounds and reduce the risks of potentially debilitating diseases.

Dieting is also a multi-billion dollar business that benefits by people being overweight. It is like the American healthcare system. If a diet plan worked allowing everyone to loss all the weight they wanted there would no longer be a demand for dieting.

A diet of fast foods and processed foods lead to excess weight and increased risks of many deadly diseases.

My goal for this site is to enlighten, inform, and empower.

You will find on this site current information about:

  • Diet and dieting
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Recipes for a Mediterranean Diet
  • Nutrition information for all recipes
  • Videos for preparing many recipes

Enjoy & Buon Appetito