Weight Loss Secrets

By : | Comments Off on Weight Loss Secrets | On : May 11, 2012 | Category : General Information

The media loves hyping secrets to just about everything that ails you including losing weight. The headline or lead-in really grabs your attention. Recently, a local television station ran two stories within 24 hours of each other regarding women who lost 150 and 45 pounds. What was their secret? Proper diet and exercise. What a revelation! A secret that’s been know for decades.

What wasn’t mention in the story but was added to the station’s website was that the women who lost 150 pounds is now a personal trainer. She obviously exercised more than 30 minutes 4 to 5 times per week to lose so much wait so quickly. The website also has a convenient link to the doctor who helped her lose the weight. The story doesn’t mention what happened to all the extra skin after losing 50 percent of her body weight. This women’s motivation to change her lifestyle was being diagnosed with type II diabetes. A serious enough motive for anyone.

The women who lost 45 pounds in 60 days was motivated also; financially. A $10,000 first prize for the person losing the most weight.

Losing 45 pounds in 60 days is a lot. That’s an average of 0.75 pounds per day or 2,600 calories of fat. rapid weight loss can result in losing muscle and water.

Although it is possible to achieve rapid weight loss, success is measured by keeping the excess weight off. That is were most diets fail.

It would be interesting to follow up on these weight loss stories, but that isn’t now the media works. These two women had there few minutes in the spotlight. For the TV station, it is time to move on to the next weight loss secret.