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Eat More, Exercise Less, and Lose Weight

By: | Comments Off on Eat More, Exercise Less, and Lose Weight | On: January 24, 2015 | Category : Diet, Dieting, General Information, Marketing

What person needing to lose 20, 40, 80, or more pounds  does’t want to hear they can eat more, exercise less, and still lose all the weight they want? It is dieting utopia. This bogus philosophy has been promoted for decades. Want to con someone into trying your diet product... more

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Happy New Year 2015

By: | Comments Off on Happy New Year 2015 | On: December 31, 2014 | Category : Diet, Dieting, General Information

Another year has ended and a new year begins. 2014 was a year of many accomplishments: 34 cooking videos published Over 40 new recipes added 4 Italian Med Diet cookbooks published 700 Calorie Meals published Planned For 2015 2nd edition of Live Longer and Healthier Eating Foods You Love 50... more

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What’s Up With Sodium?

By: | Comments Off on What’s Up With Sodium? | On: December 12, 2014 | Category : Diet, Dieting, Dining Out, General Information

Salt on a wooden surface

Here we go again! For years we’ve been warned to limit sodium intake to 2,300 mg per day; about 1 teaspoon of table salt (2 teaspoons of kosher salt). Americans average around 4,000 mg per day. Now, three newly published reports state a high sodium diet is good and low sodium diets... more

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Big Bad For You Bacon Burger

By: | Comments Off on Big Bad For You Bacon Burger | On: November 28, 2014 | Category : Cutting Calories, Diet, Dieting, Dining Out, General Information

Big Bad Bacon Burger

We Serve What People Want Even with the growing diabetes and obesity epidemic in American, fast food, drive-ins, diners, and casual restaurants continue offering foods high in calories, saturated fat, and sodium. Their menus are loaded with foods people want instead of what they need. If a majority of their customers demanded... more

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15 Holiday Dieting Tips

By: | Comments Off on 15 Holiday Dieting Tips | On: November 23, 2014 | Category : Diet, Dieting

Holiday Turkey Dinner

The holiday season in the United States, November through January 1st, is like an ocean cruise with an abundance of tempting foods and the tendency to overeat. For some people gaining 5 or more pounds around the holidays is an annual event followed by the annual New Year’s resolution to lose... more

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World’s Dumbest Pizza

By: | Comments Off on World’s Dumbest Pizza | On: November 22, 2014 | Category : Caveat Emptor, Diet, Dieting, Dining Out, Sodium

Chili Frito Pizza

American pizza restaurants have developed some unique ideas for pizzas that turn the humble Italian pie into a creation that would makes Italian’s roll their eyes and wonder if Americans had lost their marble in addition to their senses. Pizza is one of the most ethnic popular foods in the... more

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New Video Series Premiering December 2104

By: | Comments Off on New Video Series Premiering December 2104 | On: October 31, 2014 | Category : Caveat Emptor, Diet, Dieting, Dining Out, Dinner, Marketing

Fast Food OR Trailer

Fast Food Operating Room (OR), is a new series of videos premiering in December. This series of videos reveals what really makes up popular fast foods and processed foods manufactured and  sold in the United States and around the world. Learn why many of these foods are truly junk foods... more

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700 Calorie Breakfast: Eggs, Sausage, Pancake

By: | Comments Off on 700 Calorie Breakfast: Eggs, Sausage, Pancake | On: October 15, 2014 | Category : 700 Kcal Meals, Breakfast, Diet, Dieting

Fried Eggs and Sausage Breakfast

A 700 calorie breakfast can be a large, nutritious breakfast, unless you dine or buy it from a fast food restaurant. Breakfast biscuits have become as common as breakfast burritos. They are flavorful and seem relatively harmless even though they are high in carbohydrates, saturated. fat and sodium. One example is... more

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500 Calorie Cupcakes

By: | Comments Off on 500 Calorie Cupcakes | On: October 6, 2014 | Category : Breakfast, Caveat Emptor, Diet, Dieting

Assorted Decorated Cupcakes

Americans wonder why they are overweight and cannot lose weight. It can’t have anything to do with their diet. It must be genes or hormones or nasty bacteria and viruses that’s turned them from svelte to obese. The truth in most cases is the problem is their diet, lack of... more

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Preorder 700 Calorie Meals

By: | Comments Off on Preorder 700 Calorie Meals | On: September 29, 2014 | Category : 700 Kcal Meals, Breakfast, Cutting Calories, Diet, Dieting, Dining Out, Dinner, Lunch

700 Calorie Meals Cover Art

700 Calorie Meals is available for preorder from for Kindle readers, tablets and computers. Fast foods, comfort foods, convenience foods, and processed foods have transformed America and Americans into some of the most overweight people on earth. Being overweight brings increased risk of numerous serious diseases that can dramatically... more

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