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Salt: It’s Organic?

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Organic foods have increased in popularity as consumers become more concerned about the additives in their foods. The United States Food & Drug Administration maintains a list of over 65,000 approved additives. When you buy organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables you expect them to be free of synthetic fertilizers ... more

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Foods That Can Heal?

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Fresh Blueberries

“You are what you eat.” For many people it is the wrongs foods high in calories, fat, salt and sugar. They are highly processed foods and fast foods. Fast foods are usually fried or grilled. You can’t get much faster than that. Processed foods come packaged, canned and frozen. On ... more

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The Goodness of Bread?

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For years American’s have been warned to limit eating bread and other products made from refined wheat flour. These high carbohydrate, high glycemic index foods have been proven to cause blood glucose spikes which can lead to overeating by causing the desire to eat even if you’ve eaten enough calories ... more

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