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Meatloaf Turkey

Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey meatloaf has 25 percent less fat, 60 percent less saturated fat, and less calories than traditional beef and pork meatloaf. Turkey meatloaf is delicious for lunch, dinner and sandwiches or added to soups like lentil and split pea. Both meals pictured have about 500 calories. Less than many retauarant ...

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Homemade Spinach Lasagna

No-Boil Vegetable Lasagna

No-Boil Vegetable Lasagna is an easy way to reduce the number of calories and saturated fat while increasing dietary fiber compared to lasagna with ricotta cheese. Dry lasagna noodles come in two varieties: traditional that should be cooked before making the lasagna and no-boil that is used dry and doesn’t require cooking. ...

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Homemade Turkey Burger

Turkey Burgers

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Turkey Burgers are a moist, reduced calorie and saturated fat alternative to ground beef burgers. This turkey burger recipe has about 28 percent less calories than a 1/4 pound, 80% lean, ground beef burger and half the saturated (4g vs. 8g). Consuming red meat has been linked to increased risk ...

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Cod and Green Onion Calzone

Dough for 2-Crust Pie

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Dough for 2-Crust Pie makes a flakey, golden brown, pie crust essential for great savory and fruit pies.  This recipe makes enough dough for a 9 to 10 inch 2-crust pie or for two 1-crust pies. Calories Pie crusts, especially for 2-crust pies, is a major source of a pies ...

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Homemade Deluxe Chicken Pie

Deluxe Chicken or Turkey Pie

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Don’t let the long list of ingredients for Deluxe Chicken or Turkey Pie intimidate you. About half are herbs and spices and all ingredients are natural not dozens of chemical additives and preservative like most frozen pot pies. Deluxe Chicken or Turkey Pie is perfect for leftover dark turkey meat ...

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Turkey Chili

Spicy Turkey Chili Recipe

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If you love chili but are concerned about using high saturated fat beef you can easily substitute ground turkey for all or part of the beef. Chili powder and other spices gives chili it unique flavor. Most beef eaters will not notice the difference. I use 93% lean ground turkey that ...

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Slice of Homemade Meatloaf


Meatloaf is easy to make, economical, can easily feed 6 or more people, and is one of Americas favorite comfort foods. Polpettone, Italian for meatloaf, refers to a large meatball. A Southern Italian meatloaf is made using ground beef and pork. Pork is more common and affordable in most parts ...

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Serving of Panko Fried Shrimp

Panko Fried Shrimp Recipe

Low sodium Japanese style panko breadcrumbs are used to make crisp, succulent, restaurant quality Panko Fried Shrimp at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant shrimp dinner. Importing farm raised shrimp has caused prices to fall in the United States. What was once a luxury is now available for ...

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