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Lose Up to 7 Lbs. in 7 Days??!!

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Woman Standing on Bathroom Scale

Another Public Television spring pledge drive has concluded and it introduced celebrity nutritionist J.J. Virgin and her Virgin diet that she claims can produce up to 7 pounds (3.2 Kg) of weight loss in just 7 days. Sound to good to be true? It depends on your definition of weight ... more

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Eat Yourself Skinny…Almost

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Serving of Homemade Tiramisu

With the New Year comes a deluge of dieting and weight lose programs with the usually claims you can lose weight without changing the way you eat…well almost. It seems every miracle diet claim comes with a pesky asterisk and fine print in a font size almost too small to ... more

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Med Diet and Diabetes

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Italian Vegetable Stand

More and more scientific studies are confirming a balanced Mediterranean style diet can reverse or prevent Type-II (non-insulin dependent) diabetes. The emphasis is on eating an abundance of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and limiting or eliminating highly processed foods high in refined grains (wheat flour) and sugar (white, ... more

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Let Food Be Your Medicine

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Ingredients for Stewed Bell Peppers

“Let food be your medicine. Your medicine shall be your food.” Hippocrates Dietary supplements; vitamins, minerals and herbs is a $30 billion per year virtually unregulated industry in the United States. It is a great example of deregulation at its worst. Vitamins, minerals and herbs are natural, in some cases ... more

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Dieting Made Simple

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Sliced Wheat Bread

Over 50 percent of American adults are trying to loose weight. Diet books, weight lose programs, celebrates, celebrity doctors, and infomercial gurus claim to have the secret to weight lose. They offer low carbohydrate diets, low fat diets, high protein diets, gluten free diets. Most diets are nothing more than ... more

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Old Rules, New Rules?

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Doctor Mehmet Oz. Thanks to Oprah Winfrey he has become the go to authority on dieting especially for overweight and obese women. He promotes dietary supplements, foods and exercise that target problem areas and reveals “secrets” long kept from the American public by physicians, dietitians and experts with titles that ... more

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Weight Loss Secrets

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The media loves hyping secrets to just about everything that ails you including losing weight. The headline or lead-in really grabs your attention. Recently, a local television station ran two stories within 24 hours of each other regarding women who lost 150 and 45 pounds. What was their secret? Proper ... more

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