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Creamy Pasta And Mushrooms

Many fad diet plans eliminate white pasta for overweight and obese Americans. The rational is ...

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Potato Gnocchi

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Italians have made and enjoyed gnocchi since ancient Roman times. The major difference is Roman ...

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Pasta With Mushroom Pesto Sauce

Pasta With Chicken Mushroom Pesto Sauce

Pasta With Mushroom Pesto Sauce flavors pasta with basil pesto instead of tomato sauce. Although ...

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One Pan Pasta Margherita With Spicy Italian Sausage

One-Pan Pasta Margherita With Spicy Italian Sausage

In the U.S., consumers have a choice between boxed meals providing dried pasta and a ...

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Pasta With Vegetables

20 Minute Pasta With Zucchini

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Overweight Americans are told to reduce or eliminate refined carbohydrates (white flour, rice, and sugar) ...

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One-Pan Noodles With Bacon and Peas

One-Pan Pasta With Bacon

One-Pan Pasta with Bacon is another in a series of one-pan meals that takes about the ...

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One Pan Hamburger Stroganoff

One Pan Ground Meat Stroganoff

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One Pan Ground Meat Stroganoff is a healthier alternative to boxed noodle and sauces mixes  containing ...

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Pasta with Shrimp

20 Minute Pasta With Shrimp

In about the time it takes to boil water and cook pasta, you can make 20 ...

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Pasta With Sardine Sauce

Pasta with sardine sauce is a variation on the theme of southern Italian pasta served ...

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