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Blue Agave Nectar

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Blue Agave Nectar

Some Americans have developed a paranoia about refined cane and beet sugar also known as granulated table sugar that they are turning to “natural” sweeteners thanks to unfounded hype by celebrity doctors and heavily promoted web sites. If you produce an obscure product with possible health benefits all it seems ... more

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Debate Over Fructose

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In recent years the sugar fructose in high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has been linked to obesity, diabetes and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Media coverage might lead some people to think all fructose is bad which is far from the truth. Fructose is found in fruits, vegetables, honey and sugar ... more

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Homemade Snickerdoodles


Snickerdoodles are a crisp cookie bursting with cinnamon flavor. They are easy to make and can be stored for months. Snickerdoodles are a refrigerated rolled cookie. The dough must be refrigerated about 2 hours or overnight to make rolling easier. Snickerdoodle dough can also be frozen six month or more ...

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Homemade Pickled Beets

Easy Pickled Red Beets

Red beets can be grown in a home garden of any size. Drowning your own beets from organ seeds assures pesticide free roots and leaves. Like most root vegetables, beets can be boiled, roasted, or grilled. If you have a lot of beet roots or just like pickled beets this ...

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Ricotta Cheese with Fruit

Ricotta with Fresh Fruit

Enjoy Ricotta with Fresh Fruit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or  dessert. It is a low calorie alternative to cheesecake. An equivalent  weight slice of cheesecake can have over 3 times as many calories (about 700 calories). You do not need 700 calories from a dessert if your goal is ...

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Homemade Candied Yams

Simple Candied Yams Recipe

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This very low sodium, simple Candied Yams recipe uses butter or margarine and brown sugar to provide a mild, slightly sweet flavor for this vegetable side dish. Enjoy high fiber, high potassium Candied Yams any time as a substitute for mashed or fried potatoes. They take only minutes to prepare and are ready ...

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