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Obscene Breakfasts and Sandwiches

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American Style Breakfast

On way restaurants attract patrons is by offering huge and in some cases gigantic portions to provide the biggest value to the customers money. They also can provide a days worth of calories and several days worth of saturated fat and sodium all in one meal. Large portions are common ... more

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Homemade Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Rolls

Whether you call them cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns this popular pastry can be made at home with less sugar, calories, and sodium than many prepared varieties. Like most prepared foods sold in the United States, cinnamon rolls have been supersized. One popular brand provides about 1,000 calories each. A ...

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Biscotti With Almonds

Biscotti di Prato

Biscotti are one of the most popular and most recognizable Italian cookies in the United States. Biscotti is Italian for cookies like the English (England) word biscuit. It refers to all cookies, not just the long, narrow twice-baked biscotti sold in the United States. Biscotti di Prato is a variation of ...

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Microwave Oven Quick Cooking Oatmeal

Microwave Oven Quick Cooking Oatmeal

Microwave Oven Quick Cooking Oatmeal is an inexpensive healthier alternative to instant oatmeal. Oats are a high fiber, gluten-free, whole grain that can keep you feeling full longer, lower blood cholesterol and maintain normal bowel function. If you have celiac disease, buy oats that are verified gluten free to reduce the ...

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Blueberry Muffins

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Recipe revised 11-10-2019 to reduce preparation time and make 12 small or 6 large muffins. Original recipe made 18 small and 8 large muffins. Also replaced butter with vegetable oil. Having a large homemade blueberry muffin, piece of fruit, and cup of coffee or tea for breakfast provides less than ...

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Ricotta Cheese with Fruit

Ricotta with Fresh Fruit

Enjoy Ricotta with Fresh Fruit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or  dessert. It is a low calorie alternative to cheesecake. An equivalent  weight slice of cheesecake can have over 3 times as many calories (about 700 calories). You do not need 700 calories from a dessert if your goal is ...

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Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

Scrambled Eggs and Breakfast Burrito Recipes

Scrambled eggs is one of the simplest and fastest egg based breakfasts. With scrambled eggs there are no worries about broken yolks, and when cooked until firm (not runny) there is little risk from contaminants. The traditional plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon has evolved into the breakfast burrito. ...

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