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Pasta & Rice

Homemade Lasagna With Egg Noodles

Egg Noodle Lasagna

Egg Noodle Lasagna is a simple variation of no-boil lasagna using egg noodles instead of lasagna noodles. Egg noodles are also used for the Southern Italian deluxe lasagna called Tembano made with shredded beef sauce, miniature meatballs, and Italian cold cuts like proscuitto and mortadella. To reduce preparation time, you ...

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Greens Peas and Pasta Recipe

Green peas and pasta is a simple one pan recipe pairing sweet green peas with any short pasta (macaroni, shells, farfalle, orzo). If you prefer, you can decrease the amount of water by one up and substitute cooked rice, or quinoa. One 12 ounce serving of green peas and pasta ...

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Pasta with Vegetables

Pasta with Vegetables

Pasta with Vegetables is a typical Apulian blend of pasta and fresh vegetables rarely found on Italian-American restaurant menus. Why settle for a 470 calorie pasta dish with up to 9 grams of fiber when you can have a 2,000 calorie Fettuccine Alfredo with over a days worth of saturated fat ...

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Homemade Alfredo Sauce

Easy Pasta with Alfredo Sauce Recipe

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Alfredo sauce is one of the quickest and easiest pasta sauces to make at home and is served by virtually every Italian-American restaurant in America. This Easy Pasta with Alfredo Sauce recipe takes about 20 minutes to prepare and cook. For best flavor use Parmigiano Reggiano and grate it yourself. While Alfredo (cream ...

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Spaghetti with Ground Beef and Fresh Tomatoes

Spaghettini with Ground Beef and Cherry Tomatoes

Spaghettini with Ground Beef and Cherry Tomatoes is a simple, colorful pasta recipe you can make in 30 minutes or less. Add a salad and small glass of red wine for a complete meal with about 700 calories. Substitutions Spaghetti or other long pasta can be substituted for the spaghettini. Substitute ...

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Homemade Bolognese Style Pasta Sauce

Bolognese Style Meat Sauce (ragu alle bolognese)

Bologna, Italy not only gave the world one of its most popular cold cuts, bologna (mortadella), but a meat based tomato sauce made with carrots and celery. Who said pasta isn’t healthy? The flavor and thickness of Bolognese sauce comes from simmering several hours to reduce the liquid content and ...

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Homemade Poultry Sauce

Poultry Tomato Sauce

Poultry tomato sauce is lower in saturated fat and calories compared to beef and pork sauces. Not all pasta sauces require hours of cooking and stirring. Using any cooked poultry you have on hand, you can prepare this sauce in about 45 minutes. You can also use raw poultry. Sauté ...

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Homemade Red Beans and Rice

Red Beans and Rice Recipe

Red Beans and Rice is a simple, spicy Creole recipe. The combination of beans and rice is a source of complete protein even if you omit the ham and sausage for a vegan version. One 13 ounce serving of Red Beans and Rice has about 350 calories, 8 grams of fiber, ...

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Orzo With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Orzo with Sun Dried Tomatoes

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Orzo looks like grains of rice, but is actually rice shaped pasta you can cook and eat like any short pasta. You can add orzo to soups and stews or use as a substitute for rice. Orzo with Sun Dried Tomatoes is similar to pasta with butter and cheese using ...

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Pasta with Sausage and Winter Squash

Pasta with Winter Squash & Sausage

Eating pasta with vegetables is as common in Southern Italy and Sicily as eating spaghetti and meatballs in the United States. Pasta with Winter Squash & Sausage is made with lean Italian sausage and low sodium chicken stock sounds rich, but an 11 oz. serving has 520 calories, 300mg of sodium ...

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