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Fudge Sundae

300 Calorie Fudge Sundae Recipe

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Restaurant fudge sundaes can easily add 500 or more calories to your meal. For the average person needing 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day getting 20 to 25 percent of your calories from one dessert means giving up other foods. You don’t have to give up desserts to maintain or lose weight. ...

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Homemade Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

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This easy homemade chocolate mousse recipe uses cooked egg yolks and meringue powder to reduce  the risk of bacterial contamination from eating raw eggs. Mousse is high in saturated fat due to the chocolate, butter, egg yolks, and heavy cream. One seeing has 19 grams. Enjoy Chocolate Mousse in moderation ...

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Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs and Eclairs

Cream puffs and eclairs are a rich, elegant desert that’s relatively simple to make. The shells are made with flour, water, butter or full-fat margarine and eggs. Do not use reduced fat margarines or butter spreads. Fat content of butter or margarine must be at least 80 percent. The filling can be a ...

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Peach Crisp

Apple or Peach Crisp

Apple and Peach Crisps are a popular American and British dessert that’s a simpler, healthier alternate to apple and peach pie. Cook’s Tip For individual crisps, divide filling between 9 6-oz. ramekins or custard cups, distribute topping and bake. Nutrition information Nutrition information is for a peach crisp. Add about ...

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Homemade Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Rolls

Whether you call them cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns this popular pastry can be made at home with less sugar, calories, and sodium than many prepared varieties. Like most prepared foods sold in the United States, cinnamon rolls have been supersized. One popular brand provides about 1,000 calories each. A ...

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Biscotti With Almonds

Biscotti di Prato

Biscotti are one of the most popular and most recognizable Italian cookies in the United States. Biscotti is Italian for cookies like the English (England) word biscuit. It refers to all cookies, not just the long, narrow twice-baked biscotti sold in the United States. Biscotti di Prato is a variation of ...

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Old Rules, New Rules?

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Doctor Mehmet Oz. Thanks to Oprah Winfrey he has become the go to authority on dieting especially for overweight and obese women. He promotes dietary supplements, foods and exercise that target problem areas and reveals “secrets” long kept from the American public by physicians, dietitians and experts with titles that ... more

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Ricotta Cheese with Fruit

Ricotta with Fresh Fruit

Enjoy Ricotta with Fresh Fruit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or  dessert. It is a low calorie alternative to cheesecake. An equivalent  weight slice of cheesecake can have over 3 times as many calories (about 700 calories). You do not need 700 calories from a dessert if your goal is ...

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