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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Easy Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Easy Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe is perfect for using bananas too ripe to eat. It makes moist, slightly sweet muffins with a hint of chocolate. Unlike store bought muffins or muffin mixes, you control the amount of sugar there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives unless you use ...

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Homemade Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster

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Bananas Foster is a simple, flamed desert you can make in minutes traditionally served over ice cream. You can also serve Bananas Foster over pound cake, used as a topping for French toast, waffles or pancakes, or with other fresh fruit. Cook’s Tip To keep ice cream from melting too ...

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Homemade Banana Nut Bread

Banana Bread

Banana Bread is an easy recipe producing a moist bread or homemade banana muffins. Nuts can be omitted if desired. Although walnuts add calories, Americans are encouraged to add nuts to their diets. Walnuts are a good source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Nutrition Information Nutrition information includes nuts. Reduce sugar ...

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Homemade Banana Cake Cookies

Banana Cake Cookies

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Banana Cake Cookies, like banana breads and muffins, uses very ripe bananas most people do not eat. Bananas Cake Cookies have a soft, cake-like texture similar to banana bread and fruit filled cookies instead of a dry, crisp texture usually associated with cookies. Substitutions & Changes Substitute 1/2 cup (96 ...

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Apple Fritter

Apple, Pear or Banana Fritters

Fruit Fritters are a quick, easy alternative to pancakes and waffles, and simpler than make than donuts. You could call them fruit flavored doughnut holes. Fruit Fritters can be made in advance, and refrigerate and reheat them in a microwave or toaster oven. Reheating Fritters in a toaster oven retains ...

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