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Cinco de Mayo Recipes

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Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for May 5th. These Cinco de Mayo recipes are easy to make and lower in calories and sodium than restaurant equivalents. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated primarily in the United States by Mexican Americans commemorating Mexico’s victory or the French at the Battle of Puebla. Some Americans mistake ... more

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oven fried tortillas for tostadas

Oven Fried Tortillas For Tostadas

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Tostadas are an open faced taco served on a crisp corn tortilla. Store bought corn tortillas are very low sodium compared to flour tortillas with 10mg or less sodium per tortilla. Fried corn tortillas sold for tostadas can have up to 20 times the sodium of fresh tortillas. You can ...

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Homemade Burro with Spanish Rice

Chicken and Bean Burros & Chimichangas

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Burro is Spanish for donkey. Burrito is a small donkey. In the United States, restaurants use burro and burrito interchangeably with burro being more common in States bordering Mexico. Burrito may sound more romantic, but many burritos are high calorie burros. Burros and burritos have taken the U.S. by storm ...

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