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Homemade Zuppa Inglese (English Trifle)

Zuppa Inglese (Italian Trifle)

Zuppa Inglese (Italian Trifle) literally translated means English soup. It is an Italian desert similar to Tiramisu that is neither a soup nor English. Zuppa Inglese is based on the English Trifle and predates Tiramisu. It is an easier, lower calorie alternative to Tiramisu. Custard replaces high calorie mascarpone cheese. ...

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Serving of Homemade Tiramisu

Tiramisu Recipe

This homemade Tiramisu rivals restaurant and frozen tiramisu, and has no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Tiramisu is smooth, creamy and packed with calories; 550 calories per 3×3-inch serving. Decreasing the serving size to 1/12 of the recipe, a common serving size for a 9-inch round cake, reduces the number of ...

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