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How to Perfectly Poach Shrimp

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Homemade Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Many recipes like Shrimp Cocktail cook raw shrimp in boiling water. But shrimp, like most seafood cooks in just minutes making it easy to overcook producing a tough, rubbery, chewy consistency. Precooked, frozen shrimp is usually grossly overcooked. The secret to perfectly cooked succulent shrimp is poaching. Poaching is the ... more

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HomemadeShrimp Cocktail

Poached Shrimp

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Shrimp is affordable, a good source of protein, and low in fat and calories. Farming has drastically lowered the cost of shrimp making it one of the most affordable forms of seafood. You can buy shrimp cooked or raw. Unfortunately, most cooked shrimp is overcooked. Except for popcorn shrimp, you ...

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