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Guacamole, the avocado based dip and condiment popular with Mexican foods is simple to prepare but can be challenging if ripe avocados are not readily available in your area.

An alternative is prepared guacamole. It is relatively inexpensive if Haas avocados are selling for a dollar or more each. The trade off, is the amount of sodium per 2 tablespoon serving which ranges from 90-115mg. That may not seem like a lot if you limit yourself to 2 tablespoons or less but it is considerably higher than the homemade recipe on this website and when added to the sodium in tortilla chips and salsa you can easily exceed 1000mg before the entree is served.

One way to reduce the amount of sodium is to add fresh avocado. Adding one cup of fresh avocado to one cup of prepared guacamole will reduce the amount of sodium by 50 percent (45-56mg) per serving. That’s still 70-80 per higher higher than the 11 mg per serving for homemade guacamole if you resist adding salt.

Guacamole is also high in fat calories. Good fat, but never the less fat. About 80 percent of the calories come from fat. So enjoy guacamole in moderation.