Calculate Calories, BMI, Protein and Weight Loss Goal

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The goal of this website is to help people make healthier food choices.

It is not about sacrifice, giving up foods you love, or joining a fitness center to shed pounds. There are numerous books, websites, and so-called “experts” who have the secret to weight loss nirvana. Of course it is available for a modest fee.

There are also many nicely packaged calorie estimators where you enter your age, sex, activity level, height, and weight and it estimates the number of calories you need to maintain that weight. Notice, I said estimate not calculate. Yes, it does calculate a number, but if you enter the exact same information in several website calculators you usually get a different number of calories.

Calculating the number of calories your body needs is not an exact science like calculating the trajectory of a rocket. Each person is different.

In my book Live Longer & Healthier Eating Foods You Love, I included the Harris-Benedict and other equations to estimate the number of calories required to maintain your present weight.

My new Excel-spreadsheet calorie estimator is based on recent studies published by the National Academy of Science. When I compared the Harris-Benedict and NAS equation results, my numbers were within a few calories.

To use the equations in my book required manually calculating the number of calories for your basil metabolic rate, activity level, and digesting food. My free spread sheet will do that for you after entering five items:

  • Gender
  • Units of Measure
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Activity Level

Italian Med Diet Calorie Estimator

The calorie estimator will calculate your BMI score and whether or not you need to lose weight. You need Microsoft Excel or other Excel spreadsheet editing software.

Click here for more information about this free spreadsheet and to download a copy.