Another Month, Another Miracle Diet Plan

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March in the United States brings March Madness college basketball playoffs and Public television pledge drives to raise money supporting local Public television stations.

In addition to music from the 50’s and 60’s, several brain and heart health programs, and musical groups touring the United States made famous on PBS, there was another miracle diet plan to end all miracle diet plans.

This years March madness diet plan is New York Times best selling author and nutritionist to the stars Halie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Revolution. Doesn’t that sound impressive?

Like most fad diet plans Ms. Pomroy’s plan promises you’ll lose up to 20 pounds in 4 weeks. Notice the caveats? Lose UP TO and POUNDS. If you lose 1 pound in for 4 weeks her plans a success!

Her Fast Metabolism Revolution:

  1. Doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose weight.
  2. Doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks.
  3. And doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose 20 pounds of fat.

To lose an average of 5 pounds of fat per per week for 4 weeks requires eliminating 1,500 calories per day from your diet, and doing that doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose 5 pounds of body fat. When you substantially decrease calories from your diet, your brain goes into survival mode slowing your metabolism by shutting down unnecessary functions to conserve energy. Just the opposite of fast metabolism.

People you lose 3, 4, or more pounds per week are losing mostly water. Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon or 1 pound per 16 ounces (480 ml). High protein diets can cause rapid weight lose through water lose as the kidneys work to remove ammonia by-products from breaking down protein into amino acids. The problem with water weight loss is that you quickly gain it back.

What is Ms. Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Revolution? Here are highlight’s from her show:

  • “Everything you’ve heard about dieting in the past is wrong.”
  • On her program you can eat more food and lose more weight.
  • It speeds up your metabolism and reverses the aging process.
  • You will see “significant weight loss on her program.”
  • E + M = H (Eating + Metabolism = Health)
  • If it’s fake, it’s a huge mistake.” Don’t eat processed foods.
  • “Counting calories is an absolute lie.”
  • Her program is customizable to fit any lifestyle if you are wealthy or have a large credit card balance.

Pomroy’s Metabolic Risk Factors

  • Waist line fat
  • High triglycerides
  • HDL
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar

Her Plan Targets Foods to Boost Metabolism

  • Uses targeted foods eaten on specific days and at times.
  • Eat foods rich in micronutrients. Micronutrients build muscle.
  • “You have a slow metabolism when it is harder to lose weight than to gain weight.”
  • Calories in, calories out is bogus.

The Fast Metabolism Revolution Program

  • Must be on her program for 28 days.
  • 2 to 3 days of rest and repair.
  • First 2 days of each week, eat high glycemic foods like pineapple and quinoa.
  • Perform cardio 1 of the 2 days each week.
  • Next two days, reduce inflammation. Eat lean proteins and vegetables like apples and mushrooms. One day during these 2 day do weight bearing exercises. This causes the body to release fat.
  • Next three days eat healthy fats; avocados, seeds, and nuts. Use dry skin brushing, sauna, and massage.

The Rules

  • Rule 1, you must eat. Eat 3 phase specific meals and 2 phase specific snacks. Vegetables are unlimited.
  • Make large batches and freeze for next phase.
  • Many food additives are classified as “OBESIGENS.”
  • Before her program you could not access carbs.
  • Week 3, focus on her rules. Make desserts with real foods. “If you bake it you can take it.”
  • Week 4, incorporate all the principles into your diet for a lifetime.
  • On her program women can lose the same amount of weight as men.

Summary of Her Program

  • You need more food to repair and to heal.
  • Eat more food and love every bite.
  • Suffering, guilt, and stress are more fattening than pork rinds.
  • A woman reduced her cholesterol from over 300 to 160.
  • Pleasure lowers leptin.
  • Don’t think about the scale when eating her diet.
  • The fast metabolism diet is a paradigm shift.
  • You will starve yourself again.
  • “Count your treasures and not your calories.”
  • There are no bad foods.”
  • Sex hormones are made from cholesterol. Cholesterol is good.
  • You begin gaining weight in your 40’s. Example: Shelly, 55, lost 40 pounds, and no longer takes prescription meds.
  • Kelley lost 6 pounds in the first week and 73 pounds total (insert Pomroy sniffling and choking up).

Foods for Thought

  • Asian pears can reduce hip fat.
  • Make chili with ground turkey and lots of cilantro. Cilantro lowers LDL and raises HDL. Add zucchini to your chili.
  • Eat stuffed red bell peppers made with grass fed beef which has CLA. Add spinach, celery, oregano, and basil. Use basil daily to reduce inflammation.
  • Vege shrimp stir-fry with Brussels sprouts to increase libido. Wild rice.

My Thoughts

I started shaking my head when she mentioned sauna and message. She claimed her plan can be adapted to any lifestyle. Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. How is someone working for minimum wage or poverty wages suppose to afford saunas and massage for fife?

Calories is, Calories out may be simplistic, but is still the reason 60 percent of the population is overweight or obese.

I’m eagerly awaiting the big PBS fall pledge drive, and fad diet promising to burn off the weight gained during the holidays.