Where’s The Apple In Apple Turnovers

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Supermarket Bakery Apple Turnover

Years ago a popular ad had a little old lady asking, “Where’s the beef?” in her hamburger that was more bun then burger.

The same is true today. A recent supermarket ad had 4 apple or cherry turnovers for $2.99. The turnovers are pictured stuffed with apple and cherry filling. But is what you see what you get?

Apple Turnover-Bakery

Hardly. You do get 4 turnovers. Since I recent posted a recipe and video for apple turnovers, I bought apple turnovers.

Apple Turnover-1441

They don’t quite look like the ad photo being more browned. There were a couple cartons of turnovers that were less browned clearly revealing the large sugar granolas sprinkled on top.

Apple Turnover-1537

One turnover weighed about 120 g (4.2 oz). Slightly more than my homemade turnovers.

Opening the turnover to reveal the apple filling showed more air space than apple.

Apple Turnover-1533


Store Bakery Apple Turnover

Each half held about 15 g, 1 teaspoon, of filling. About 30 g total or a little over 1 ounce.

Apple Turnover Filling


Homemade puff pastry turnovers have one-half apple per turnover with more more fruit and less pastry and sugar.

Homemade Apple Turnover

This homemade apple turnover with ice cream has less calories than most bakery turnovers.

Homemade apple turnover with ice cream.

If you want lots of apple or cherries in your turnovers, don’t rely on store bakery turnovers or any fruit filled pastry. You’ll usually get more flour and sugar than fruit.