What’s Natural?

By : | Comments Off on What’s Natural? | On : October 31, 2012 | Category : General Information

With more and more people trying to eat a healthier diet, food manufacturers marketing departments are working overtime to convince consumers their products are healthy and safe. A recent trend is labeling as many products as possible with the word natural. There are 100% natural cheeses and bottled water.

One definition of natural is “produced by nature.” That makes water natural. Even if the water is a by-product of burning hydrogen. But 100% natural cheese? I’m not aware of any cow that produces cheese instead of milk.

One definition for ‘natural food’ is a food with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. If you add no artificial fertilizers or pesticides you have the definition for organic foods.

To date, there are no regulations in the United Sates regarding use of the word natural for marketing or labeling foods. If you go by the definition of no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors you can verify if that is the case by reading the ingredients label.

When it comes to buying processed or prepared foods in the United States and many other countries it still is caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).