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Homemade Charro Beans

Charro Beans (cowboy beans)

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Charro is Spanish and Mexican for horseman or cowboy. Charro Beans (frijoles charro, cowboy beans) are my favorite Mexican-style bean side dish. Charro Beans are made with pinto beans, also used for refried beans, that are left whole in a spicy, soupy broth. You can adjust the heat to your ...

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Homemade Burro with Spanish Rice

Chicken and Bean Burros & Chimichangas

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Burro is Spanish for donkey. Burrito is a small donkey. In the United States, restaurants use burro and burrito interchangeably with burro being more common in States bordering Mexico. Burrito may sound more romantic, but many burritos are high calorie burros. Burros and burritos have taken the U.S. by storm ...

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