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Easier Than Apple Pie

Americans love pie. Pies are part of America’s British roots. But instead of kidney pies, Americans crave sweet fruit pies made with apples, strawberries, cherries, and blueberries, and for the holidays pumpkin and mincemeat pies. Pies take healthy, low calorie fruit, add lots of sugar to make the filling, and then ...

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Fillo Pudding Tart

Fillo Shells (phyllo)

Whether you spell if filo, fillo, or phyllo, this paper thin, crisp versatile dough can be used for sweet or savory recipes.  These, light, crispy, fillo shells look elegant, are very easy to make, and have about 45 calories for a large 3.5″ (88 mm) diameter shell. You can make ...

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Cod and Green Onion Calzone

Dough for 2-Crust Pie

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Dough for 2-Crust Pie makes a flakey, golden brown, pie crust essential for great savory and fruit pies.  This recipe makes enough dough for a 9 to 10 inch 2-crust pie or for two 1-crust pies. Calories Pie crusts, especially for 2-crust pies, is a major source of a pies ...

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