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Reduced Sodium Rolled & Drop Biscuits

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Reduced Sodium Biscuits are similar to biscuits made from Bisquick® baking mix. The results are moist, crumbly biscuits with about 50% less sodium. Substitutions Use 2/3 to 3/4 cup (160 to 180 ml) of buttermilk instead of water and buttermilk powder. Use butter for all or part of the shortening. ...

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Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits with Strawberry Preserves

Easy Buttermilk Biscuit

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An Easy Buttermilk Biscuit recipe you can make in about 5 minutes using a food processor or you can mix and knead the dough by hand. If your biscuits made with all-purpose flour are too dense, use pastry flour for a lighter texture. Due to the high fat content, one biscuit ...

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