Move Less, Weigh More

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Woman exercising with light weights

That’s what researchers at Stanford University concluded.

A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine by researchers at Stanford University, concludes Americans are more sedentary now than 20 years ago.

The number of women reporting no leisure-time physical activities increased from 19 percent in 1994 to 52 percent in 2010. For men, the increase was from 11 percent to 43 percent.

Their research showed that during that period calorie intake did not increases significantly contrary to previous studies that showed significant calorie increase through 2000.

The Stanford researches concluded weigh increase since 1994 is attributed to less physical activity and not more calories.

A sedentary lifestyle not only increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, it also increases muscle loss which affects balance increases your risks of falls.

Bottom line: Get off the chair or couch and move. More physical activity of any type including walking improves your health.

Source: UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, Dec. 2014