Easy To Make Knife Sheaths

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Homemade Kitchen Knife Sheath

Investing in a good set of kitchen knives simplifies cooking. Some knife sets come with a wood or plastic storage block. If you buy individual knives, you most likely store them in one or two cabinet drawers. This can dull the knife’s cutting edge and can be a serious safety hazard especially if you have small children. Reaching into a drawer with sharp knives is an accident waiting to happen.

There is a simple solution that takes only minutes. You can make a simply sheath (blade cover) out of manilla file folders or similar heavy weight paper and glue or tape.

You can download a PDF file containing the pattern and instructions by clicking here.

For a YouTube video showing how to make a sheath click here.

Each sheath takes about 5 minutes to make and lasts for years. When a sheath wears out or is damaged it is easy making a new one.