Happy New Year

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Another year has begun and a new round of resolutions. Some will achieve their goals and some will not. But achieving or missing a goal isn’t as important as sticking to your plan whether it is to lose weight gained over the holidays, improve relations or live a healthier lifestyle. No matter what goals you hope to achieve in 2014 or beyond, it is important to take the first step.

April 2014 will mark the second anniversary of this website. It started with excerpts from my book Live longer and Healthier Eating Foods You Love and four recipes. Today it has over 150 recipes. Many with YouTube videos showing how to make the recipe which I hope have been helpful. I know how frustrating it can be trying to figure out a recipe or why it did not turn out as hoped. It is encouraging seeing the revival of home cooking in the United States after decades of decline. Consumers have more information than ever before and are becoming aware of the health risks inherent in processed, fast, and restaurant foods.

The second anniversary of this site will also bring with it a new book containing most of the recipes from my first book and this website. The book will feature full color photos and nutrition information for each recipe. Initially, it will be available as an e-book through Amazon Kindle.

Dozens of new recipes will be added this year, many with how-to videos.

Thank you for your interest, comments and support over the past 2 years.

Wishing you a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous new year.