Excuse Our Dust

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Under Construction

This site is undergoing several changes.

If you have been following this site, you’ve probably noticed the recipe pages have changed to make them easier to read. New recipes have more details and photos. Older recipes will be revised to reflect the new format.

Some Upcoming Changes Include

All recipes with instructional videos will have embedded videos instead of links.

A free Microsoft Excel-based Mediterranean Diet weight loss, BMI, Calorie, and Protein calculated will be available to download so you can estimate the number of calories needed to maintain your weight, gain, or lose weight.

Fast food and processed food product reviews including nutrition and ingredient analysis.

Facts about popular fad diets and weight loss programs.

And much more.

So excuse our dust as this site progresses through these changes to make more information available so you can make informed decisions about diet, dieting, nutrition, and healthy eating.