Cinco de Mayo Burrito/Chimichanga Recipe

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My mother was raised in Italy on home cooked Italian food, but appreciated cuisines of all cultures including Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Greek and Mexican to name a few.

One of her favorite recipes was chicken and bean burritos. They were easy to make, could be frozen and tasted great even without the guacamole and sour cream.

Since she did not like the soft texture of flour tortillas, she’d baked her burrito in a toaster oven until it was golden brown and crispy. Basically, making a chimichanga without the fat of a fried tortilla. She loved fried chimichangas but was satisfied with her healthier baked burrito.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo (5th of May), here is my mother’s burrito recipe. To reduce the amount of sodium, use low sodium beans, cheese and minimally processed chicken. Check the tortilla nutrition facts label and select tortilla’s with the least sodium.

Manufactured breads, rolls and tortillas are a high source of sodium in the American diet.