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Every January, millions of people resolve to loose weight. For many it is a constant battle against being over weight or obese. In the West and other parts of the world, food is plentiful and cheap especially fast foods and processed foods. Walk into any grocer or supermarket, and you’ll find selves and freezer cases stocked with thousands of processed foods.

The January 10th issue of U.S. News Weekly ranked the Best Diets for 2014. As has been the case for the past few decades, a Mediterranean diet ranked near the top of the list closely following the DASH and TLC diets. The difference between the DASH and TLC diets is that a Mediterranean diet is a group of diets. There is no one Mediterranean diet. It can be Italian, Greek, French, Moroccan and more.

How did the Mediterranean diet compare to other diets?

1. It was not recommended for weight lose. You can loose weigh on a Mediterranean diet but it’s primary benefits are cardiovascular and longevity.

2. A Mediterrane diet was ranked 3rd for Best Overall Diet and Best Diets for Healthy Eating.

3. A Mediterranean diet was also ranked 3rd for being one of the Easiest Diets to Follow although there has been some debate about that.

Some benefits of a Mediterranean diet:

Lower Cholesterol
Lower Triglycerides
Lower Blood Pressure
Reduced Risk for Diabetes
Reduced Risk of Heart Attack & Stroke

For people looking for a regimented weight lose program requiring no thought on their part, a Mediterranean diet is probably not for them. There are no prepared meals, convenient frozen entrees, counseling or support groups. But it also does not impose severe dietary restrictions.

What a Mediterranean diet does offer is endless variety of healthy foods. It places you in control of your diet not a corporate entity. The goal of this site is to educate people about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet whether it is Italian or other nationality.

Buon Appetito!