A Prescription With No Side Effects

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What prescription can lower your risk of 5 major diseases and has practically no side effects?

Exercising with light weights.

Regular Exercise!

It can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, and can lower it if you already have high blood pressure.

Exercise can increase HDL cholesterol and lower your risk of dying from heart disease  by up to 16 percent.

Exercise can prevent blood clots from forming that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Exercise promotes the formation of new coronary arteries.

What prescription medicine can do all that, cost little or nothing, and has virtually no side effects when done properly and you don’t push yourself beyond your physical limits (until you’ve progressed to the next level?

Other benefits of regular exercise:

Stimulates new bone growth reducing your risk of osteoporosis.

Lower your risk of developing diabetes by nearly 60 percent!

Increases joint flexibility by strengthening muscles.

Boosts your immune system as you age.

Lowers your risk of arthritus.

Can sharpen your memory.

Makes you look and feel better.

May prevent lower your risk of colorectal and breast cancer.

With something so simple and so common before the advent of “labor saving devices”, why is America such a sedentary society?

Our jobs, our home life, and our priorities have changed over the years. It is now hard getting started and sticking with an exercise program even knowing the huge benefits it brings.

Pharmaceutical companies make no money from exercise! They profit by selling pills.

You should incorporate two forms of exercise; aerobic and weight bearing.

Aerobic exercises that elevate your heart rate gives your heart and lungs a workout. Weight bearing exercises like strength training, walking, and hiking builds and maintains bone.

To avoid or reduce prescription medications, get up off your behind and walk, bike, hike, dance, jog, lift weights, garden, and do dozens of other activities that will make you feel better and live longer.

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