5 Stars for Chobani Customer Care

By : | Comments Off on 5 Stars for Chobani Customer Care | On : October 17, 2013 | Category : General Information

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Chobani recall of yogurt contaminated with mold. I’d bought a 6 ounce container of cherry yogurt which became bloated about a week after purchase and had the recall date code.

Lot Code 16-012

Lot Code 16-012

I considered returning the recalled yogurt to the store for a refund, but followed Chobani’s instructions to discard it and contact their Customer Care department for refund or replacement. Only one container was contaminated and being out of town after buying it did not eat the yogurt. Hearing about the recall and discovering I had a container of the recalled yogurt, I would have been satisfied with a coupon to replace it. The cost was insignificant and fortunately I hadn’t eaten it and become ill.

It took several weeks to receive replacement coupons, and I was shocked to discover 8 coupons for a variety of Chobani products to replace a single cup of recalled yogurt. Total coupon value exceeds $12.

It is rare today finding a company committed to customer satisfaction. In an era of poor quality products accompanied by little or no customer service let alone customer satisfaction it is gratifying finding a company that stands behind their products. Five stars for Chobani.