Is This A Blog?

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Many cooking/recipe websites use a blog format allowing readers to leave comments about articles and recipes. Some even permit individuals to upload  and post their recipes to the site.

While uses a blog format and comments are welcome, my goal is providing factual information about diet, dieting, exercise, and nutrition. While many recipes are Mediterranean in origin, they are not exclusively Italian or Mediterranean. The Italian peninsula has always been a melting pot, and Southern Italian cuisine is a mixture of many cultures including Greek, Arabic, and North African. There is more to Italian cooking than spaghetti and meatballs. The same is true for many ethic cuisines modified for regional American tastes.

I have personally selected, prepared, and photographed every recipe on this website. Recipes that will appeal to a wide audience, use readily available ingredients, and do not require extensive cooking experience.

Individual or Corporation

Some very popular cooking/recipe websites give the impression of being run by one or two individuals. The scenario goes something like this:

  • Run by young female
  • Learning to cook and eat healthier
  • Takes her own photos
  • Lots of followers
  • Uses same recipe templates
  • Provides no nutrition information
  • Lots of Ads

Sound familiar? Many are operated by food companies or corporations with staff to answer blog or recipe comments and questions. Any authorized individual anywhere in the world can answer a blog posts in the name of the blog owner. That’s life in the 21st century mass media age. is one of several websites I maintain and projects I work on throughout the year including my YouTube channel that is part of DiTuro Productions, LLC . Questions and comments are welcome, and all are screened for appropriatness. Most questions and comments are made through my YouTube videos rather than this website.

Comments and questions left here or on YouTube are usually answered Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Is this a blog?

Technically no. I occasionally publish relevant blog posts and recipes, but unlike true recipe blogs have no set schedule. This site was designed to provide factual information and help people eat a healthier diet. It was not my intent to create an interactive site where comments are answered within hours of being submitted.

Daniel DiTuro

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