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Fast food restaurants continue to turn out hundreds of new menu items with more calories than most Americans need to maintain a normal weight:

  • Thick, cheese stuffed pizza crusts
  • 1,000 calorie salads with dressing
  • 1,000 calorie hamburgers

These foods provide more calories, saturated fat and sodium even when promoted as “healthy.” Restaurants know what Americans want and they are more then willing to provide foods designed to shorten your life span, increase your risk for many preventable diseases, and increase your need for life-long maintenance prescription drugs to control cholesterol, blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Many Americans have turned control of their diet over to corporations that place profits before people’s health. McDonald’s is one example. The original mass produced, quick serve restaurant franchise that spends millions promoting their food to consumers while warning employees to avoid unhealthy fast foods. Hypocrisy? Sure it is. But that is the way corporate America operates. Corporations are in business to fulfill a demand. The current demand is for fat foods.

It is ironic that over 60 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese and over 60 percent of the American diet is prepared foods. Many Americans eat the wrong foods and are perpetual fad diets. Even Public Television promotes fad diets to attract supporters. Heathy, sustainable diets like DASH and Mediterranean diets are ignored. Many fad diets are disguised Mediterranean diets. Since a Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle not a weight loss program  and over 60 percent of Americans need to lose weight there are diets that will detox, cleanse and drop unwanted pounds in just weeks.

By eating mostly home cooked foods, I have never been overweight. I eat the number of calories my body needs and have never eliminated any foods from my diet. According to the Paleo, Gluten-Free, and other fad diet experts, I should either be obese or died. Instead, as I approach 60, I have normal cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides and blood sugar.

700 Calorie Meals

For several years, I have published recipes with photos showing a meal instead of just the food in the recipe. You can call it serving suggestions. Usually, the sides are other recipes on this website. As I tracked meal calories and nutrition in addition to recipe nutrition, I noticed that many meals had significantly less calories than most fast food and restaurant foods while providing more food. Not only did the meals have less calories, they had less saturated fat and sodium.

Eventually, I published 700 Calorie Meals to help anyone interested in eating healthier without eliminating foods they love. Foods eliminated by many fad diets.

In 2016, I published The New 700 Calorie Meals and 700 Calorie Meals Cookbook. The New 700 Calorie Meals discusses the ingredients that go into the foods and their nutrition and provides dozens of sample meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

700 Calorie Meals Cover Art

700 calorie Meals cookbook has step-by-step recipes for every meal in The New 700 Calorie Meals. While the cookbook is a companion book to 700 Calorie Meals it is also a stand alone cookbook for anyone wanted to prepare healthy nutrition meals that can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

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Both books are currently available in Kindle format from Amazon.com.

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