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Click on the links below to download free PDF files. Abode Reader or other PDF reader must be installed on your computer to view these files.

Click here for free Adobe reader.


Best Protein Sources

Fat & Oil Nutrition Facts

Fat and Oil Smoking Point

Iodine Intake and Iodine Rich Foods

Milk & Milk Substitute Nutrition Comparison

Standard Alcoholic Beverage Sizes; Beer, Liquor, Wine

Cooking & Baking

Dry Bean Cooking Times (Pressure Cooker)

Egg Use-By Date Table

Recommended Equipment for Baking & Cooking

Recommended Time for Steaming Vegetables

Substitute Ingredients for Baking and Cooking

Do It Yourself Projects

Kitchen Knife Sheath Instructions

Pasta Drying Rack Plans – English Units

Pasta Drying Rack Instructions – Metric Units

Brochures & Manuals

USDA Egg-Grading Manual

USDA Kitchen Companion: Food Safety Guide

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